Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week starting 14 April

No big changes this week. Your group should have met together at least once by now, and you should be making some progress towards the completion of Task 6. Remember that I've extended the deadline for this assessment to 11 May.

I realise that a lot of you are feeling under pressure at present with many assessments due. This might be a good time for some of you to reflect on your time management over the course so far, and if it would have been possible to be more effective in this. Luckily you now have the tools that you need to do this effectively going forwards given some practice.

Hang in there, and remember that there are supports available to you if you need them. As well as myself and your fellow students there are also
  • The Learning Centre - Academic support
  • Class reps
  • 2 Free massages in the student clinic
  • Student counselling service
  • OPSA
  • Computer support (Helpdesk, Open Access Suite, Community Learning Centres)