Sunday, March 29, 2009

Learning styles & time management

This week in Study skills we will review the last couple of modules, and will begin to look at time management.

Weekly tasks
  • If you haven't already worked your way through the online module setting personal learning goals, you will need to get started this week. If you have already worked through it, then continue working on Task 6 - My personal learning profile, which is due at the end of next week (just before Easter :-)

  • Monday elluminate session 1-2pm
    Tying up Introduction to sustainability
    Understanding learning styles tests

  • Thursday elluminate session 11-12am
    Time management

  • Get started on the time management learning module

Friday, March 6, 2009


This week the main focus in Study skills will be on sustainability. What's that got to do with study skills? Well not much actually, but it's a good subject to use for the development of your academic writing, referencing, etc.

Weekly tasks
  1. Get started on referencing this week by working your way through the APA referencing tutorial.

  2. Elluminate session - Monday 1-2pm

  3. Work on Task 5 - Introduction to sustainability
    • If you haven't yet done all of the following please do so immediately
      * Watch the Story of Stuff & take notes
      * Contribute to the class notes
      * Posted your reflection on this movie on your blog. There have been some really great posts so far. I especially like Chris's and Suzanne's reply.
    • Get together with the group assigned to you in the elluminate session and discuss how you're going to go about the task assigned. If someone in your group lives outside of Dunedin remember that you can use the massage common room.
Sustainability resources