Friday, February 27, 2009

Week 3 - Academic writing & Introduction to Sustainability

This week in study skills we will start on our introduction to sustainability assessment module, and will talk about academic writing.


  • Approaches to learning is due this Friday. You may either drop it into the Assignment box on the third floor, or email it to me.
  • I hope that you're all making progress towards having the OP IT Induction ticked off
  • We will start the assessment for Introduction to Principles of Sustainability this week.

Weekly tasks

  1. Elluminate session - Monday 2-3pm
    Academic writing
    Discussion of editing Google documents (re: sustainability project)

  2. Get started on the Introduction to principles of sustainability learning module. This week you should
    a) Watch and take notes on the story of stuff
    b) Collaboratively edit the Story of stuff Google document.
    You will need to be logged in using your Google account to edit the document. If you are still unable to do this after logging in, it will be because I have a different email address recorded for you than your Google account. Email me your Google account email address, and I will add you in.

  3. Work through the online learning resource on Academic writing, and take notes.

  4. Write a short essay (500 words) which explains what the difference is between good quality and poor quality writing. Review it several times to see if you can polish the language, structure and clarity, and improve the linkages. I'm happy to give you feedback on this if you would like it.

Learning Centre Support
The learning centre have agreed to run several face-to-face tutorials for any local students. To reiterate the learning centre offers academic support (reading, studying, writing, referencing). If you're interested in participating in these tutorials please get in touch with the learning centre.

  • 10-11am 10 March | F121 - General study skills with Katherine Brooks
  • 1-2pm, Friday 13 March |F121 - Writing with Jean Monk
  • 10-11am 24 March | F121 - APA Referencing with Katherine Brooks

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